Is a house even a home without a sofa? It’s hard to know, but probably best not to risk it.

At King Kastle, we understand a sofa is part of the family; it welcomes you home, it’s where you spend a lot of your spare time, where you unwind after a hard day, laugh with your friends over drinks, dream of the future with your partner, or cuddle with your little ones before bedtime. It’s a big part of home life, so it should be nothing short of Fantastic!

That’s why we take such pride in our extensive range of sofas; hand-picked by our specialist buying team to suit a wide array of styles and tastes. We prioritise affordability, without compromising on comfort and style, and ensure every piece is built to last. In fact, most of our sofa range is made right here in Canada!

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You spend roughly a third of your life in bed – that’s likely as much as 25 to 30 years for most people. That’s a lot of sleeping, napping, and cuddling up to watch Netflix, so you’ll want to make sure you’re as comfortable and supported as possible every single night.

Plus, you don’t need science to tell you what a bad night’s sleep can do for your mood, productivity, and general happiness!

Whether you’re after a single mattress, king size mattress, or simply a foam mattress, we’ve got a wide range of sizes and options to set you up with exactly what you need for a good night’s rest.


Dining Sets

A dining set is about so much more than function. Sure, its a vital part of any home, but its also the place where you'll squeeze extra people around for food, pile pizza boxes to share with friends and have romantic dinners with that special someone.

When you buy a dining set, it means you don't need to worry about hunting down chairs that will either match or complement the table's design and style, or even think about whether the chairs will be the right height-- this planning is all done for you, making it easy for you to find that dream dining set without any of the fuss.


Bedroom Sets

Did you know we spend 200,000 hours sleeping in our lifetime? If that isn't reason enough to treat yourself to the most comfortable bed you can find, we don't know that is! Whether you're after a single, king single, double, queen or king bed, we've got the size to suit your needs, in a style you'll love. Built to last and affordable, you'll sleep easy for years to come.

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